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Walking Map

Sun Moon Lake Route / Checheng Route

There are several hidden routes for hikers at each scenic spot of the Sun Moon Lake Route.
Follow the directions of the walking map to explore more fascinating spots!

Chung Tai Chan Monastery(C6)&Chung Tai World Museum(C7):

‧Now here(C6)→Chung Tai Chan Monastery:A 4-minute walk

‧Now here(C7)→Chung Tai World Museum:A 6-minute walk

Puli Station:

‧Now here(B14)→Puli Township Office:A 6-minute walk

‧Now here(B14)→Puli Land Office:A 6-minute walk

‧Now here(B14)→Puli Household Registration Office:A 6-minute walk

Puli Brewery:

‧Now here(B11)→Puli Brewery:A 1-minute walk

‧Now here(B11)→Nantou Bus:A 3-minute walk

‧Now here(B11)→Puli Land Office:A 15-minute walk

‧Now here(B11)→Puli Household Registration Office:A 15-minute walk

New Era Sculpture Park:

‧ Now here(A7)→New Era Sculpture Park:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here(A7)→The Muh Sheng Museum of Entomology:A 5-minute walk

‧ Now here(A7)→Xingling Temple:A 9-minute walk

National Chi Nan University:

‧Now here(A8)→National Chi Nan University Library:A 8-minute walk

‧Now here(A8)→Xiangnan hiking route:A 7-minute walk

Taomikeng(Paper Dome):

‧Now here(A9)→Tao Mi Eco-Villiage:A 4-minute walk

‧Now here(A9)→Paper Dome:A 4-minute walk

‧Now here(A9)→Tao Yuan Elementary School:A 6-minute walk

‧Now here(A9)→National Chi Nan University:A 23-minute walk


‧Now here(A10)→Seshui Kiln:A 13-minute walk

Taiwan Adventist College:

‧Now here(A12)→Taiwan Adventist Academy:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here(A12)→Taiwan Adventist College:A 8-minute walk

‧Now here(A12)→Yuchi Agricultural Cooperative:A 9-minute walk


‧Now here(A13)→Yuchi Agricultural Cooperative:A 2-minute walk

‧Now here(A13)→Yuchi Library:A 3-minute walk

‧Now here(A13)→Taiwan Adventist College:A 13-minute walk

‧Now here(A13)→Qin Shou Kiln:A 19-minute walk

‧Now here(A13)→Qi-Shi Xuan-Ji Conming Temple:A 25-minute walk

Antique Assam Tea Farm:

‧Now here(A14)→Antique Assam Tea Farm:A 4-minute walk

‧Now here(A14)→Qin Shou Kiln:A 7-minute walk

Sun Moon Lake:

‧Boat Boarding Spot:Shuishe Pier,Xyuanguang Wharf,Ita Thao Wharf

‧Bike Rental Spot:Shuishe,Sun Moon Lake

‧Round-The Lake Bus Stop:Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake,Wenwu Temple,Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station,Youth Activity Center,Ita Thao Wharf,Xuanzang Temple,Xyuanguang Wharf

‧Cable Car Station:Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Station,Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station


‧Now here(A15)→Shuishe,Sun Moon Lake:A 1-minute walk

‧Now here(A15)→Giant Bike Rental (Sun Moon Lake station):A 2-minute walk

‧Now here(A15)→Shuishe Pier:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here(A15)→Plum Lotus Garden:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here(A15)→Longfeng Temple:A 8-minute walk

Xiangshan Visitor Center:

‧Now here(A17)→Xiangshan Visitor Center:A 2-minute walk

‧Now here(A17)→Huisun Coffee:A 3-minute walk

‧Now here(A17)→Merida Xiangshan Bike Rental Plaza :A 3-minute walk

‧Now here(A17)→Tongxin Bridge:A 10-minute walk

Checheng Route

Every station along the Checheng Route offers hidden surprises, simply follow the instructions on the map to discover fun and interesting things!

Toushe Elementary School:

‧ Now here(C7)→Toushe Reservoir Ecological Trail:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here(C7)→Toushe Reservoir:A 4-minute walk

Toushe Police Substation:

‧ Now here(C8)→Toushe Living Basin Agritourism Area:A 7-minute walk

Sun Moon Lake Characteristic Study Center:

‧ Now here(C10)→Sun Moon Lake Characteristic Study Center:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here(C10)→Guanyin Temple:A 4-minute walk


‧ Now here(C15)→Shuili Combined Logistics Command Guest House:A 4-minute walk

‧ Now here(C15)→Shuili Snake Kiln:A 4-minute walk


‧ Now here(C24)→Checheng Winery:A 6-minute walk

‧ Now here(C24)→Checheng Wood Industry Exhibition Hall:A 6-minute walk

‧ Now here(C24)→Timber Storage Pond:A 6-minute walk

‧ Now here(C24)→The Grove Taiwan:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here(C24)→Checheng Station:A 2-minute walk

‧ Now here(C24)→Checheng Visitor Center:A 1-minute walk